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Minerals Mining Process Flow
Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or geological materials from the earth. The process of mining from the discovery of a body of ore, its extraction and returning the land to its original state consists of distinct steps. The basic steps of mining include:

 Discovery of ore body through prospecting or exploration
 Resource estimation and feasibility studies to determine if extraction is economically viable
 Mine development including equipment, buildings, processing plants, etc
 Mining, drilling or blasting of ore body to make it easily transportable
 Loading and hauling of ore from mining site to processing site
 Crushing/Comminution of ore to reduce particle size and liberate or expose valuable materials from   waste materials
 Screening/Classification of materials to control particle size distribution necessary for effective mineral   processing
 Grinding/Comminution for fine particle size reduction and liberation
 Separation/Concentration of valuable minerals
 Minerals processing by Pyro/Hydro techniques and further purification
 Mine closure and land reclamation

Mineral Exploration / Mine Development

The first step in the mining process is to locate a commercially viable concentration of minerals. This process is called mineral exploration and consists of various stages and technology to locate minerals. Area selection is the first phase and consists of selecting the best, most promising areas in a mineral field by applying techniques from various disciplines such as basin modeling, structural geology, geochronology, etc. The next phase is target generation, which involves investigations of the geology by mapping, geophysics, geochemical analysis and sometimes drilling. Aerial photography and satellite imagery is used extensively to generate high quality maps. Geophysical surveys are very important in gathering geological data and sense variations in gravity, magnetism, electromagnetism (conductivity and resistivity of rocks) and other variables. From there resource evaluation, reserve definition and feasibility studies are completed. Their basic purpose is generate increasing amounts of information that will allow a detailed feasibility study to be produced and thus confirm if the ore deposit is uneconomic or economic. If a ore deposit is deemed economic, then construction begins to access the ore body. Mine buildings, processing plants are constructed, equipment is purchased and recovery of the ore begins.

Drilling / Mining

Loading / Hauling

Crushing / Comminution / Size Reduction

Crushing / Comminution / Size Reduction

Screening / Classification

Pyro / Hydro Processing

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