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Partnership with Supplier
Partnership with Agents
Procedure of Trade
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A. Partnership with Supplier or Producer/Manufacturer of Commodities:
We are constantly seeking genuine Suppliers and Producers of all commodities. We prefer doing business with Principals with track record in order to ensure that we render competitive service to our Buyers. We connect you to source whether as a Buyer or as a Seller. Our vast database of reliable and genuine Buyers / Suppliers in different continent will ensure that we meet your demand and expectations. Please contact us for building a long term business relationship.

B. Partnership with Agents/ Intermediaries of Commodity Trading:
Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limted, undertands the need for an intermediary in the industry. We know that there will always be thousands of traders, brokers and agents who offer trade on import commodities that include, Oil, Minerals and metallurgy. Due to the nature of the industry, many of these so called traders never experience a well closed and successful deal in all of their trading life because most of them are often misguided by some other bodies pretending to be making real complex deals. Many traders have also failed early in their business due to scamming or investment on fraudulent offers. The tragedy of the industry is that while many of them fail on a consistent basis, they never seek to ask for a productive advice / learn the art of trading successfully. Some traders, brokers and agents are always misled by a supposing giant trader who themselves have no idea what the business is all about and claims to make money they don't. Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited, understands the discrepancies between right and wrong deals, and over a period of time have grown stronger with each success we have had through expertise on commodities trading skills. We invite business alliance partners (Agents & Intermediaries) if you are a private import / export intermediary to partner with us and close a deal while earning desired commission.

C. Procedure of Trade – Buying Commodities by the Buyer:
Trading procedure of commodities at Earthcore Oil & Explorations Private Limited is as follows:

    1. Buyer issues valid Letter of Intent (LOI) or Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO on letterhead,
        signed and sealed by Principal Buyer and Proof of Fund. LOI/ICPO should be issued to "Principal Seller".

      Proof of Fund can be in one of the following forms:
       (a) A Soft Probe Authorization in the LOI/ICPO or ( b) A Bank Comfort Letter (BCL)

       Please Mail Us for a sample of LOI or ICPO copy and we will provide with our sample documents.

    2. Upon successful verification of Buyer’s financial capabilities to complete the transaction Seller issues Full
        Corporate Offer (FCO) or Draft Contract to the Buyer.

    3. Buyer signs and sends back the Draft Contract to the Seller within 3 days.

    4. Seller sends the final Draft Contract to Buyer after proposed changes. Buyer duly signs and seals FCO
       & returns to Seller where the Seller sign & initial and send 5 (Five) copies back to Buyer.

    5. Buyer sends duly filled "Letter of Credit" application form of the L/C issuing Bank for Seller's approval.

    6. After review, Seller returns the L/C application form back to the Buyer, with proposed changes (If any)

    7. Within 5 (Five) International Banking days of receiving the signed & sealed L/C application form the
       Seller, the Buyer will issue the non-operative L/C to Seller's bank.

    8. Within 7 (Seven) International Banking days of receiving the Buyer's non-operative Letter of Credit
       (L/C) from the Buyer's Bank, the Seller will post the 2% Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) via
       SWIFT to the Buyers Bank. The Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) will then automatically activate
       the non-operative Letter of Credit making the Letter of Credit operative. The Seller also at the
       same time send Proof of product (POP) to the Buyer's Bank.

    9. Delivery & shipment commence as per schedule mutually agreed. Delivery will be initiated between
       30 - 45 days after Seller's Banks acceptance of the Banking Financial Instrument issued by the
       Buyers Bank. Buyer can make a physical inspection with SGS at the time of loading of the product.

    10. Payment will be released to the Seller upon negotiation of shipping documents at the Seller’s bank.

If terms and procedures are acceptable please submit an official Letter Of Intent on letterhead signed and sealed by Principal Buyer and Proof of Fund vide mail and fax. We deal with Principal Buyers / Authorized Mandate Holders.

D. SELL YOUR PRODUCTS (Commodity Manufacturer/ Supplier) :
    We represent a market place for reputable Seller / Supplier mandate who can supply large quantities
    and high quality Crude Oil and other related commodities. We constantly strive to provide the highest
    level of service to all our Sellers / Suppliers. If you are looking for genuine Buyers please contact us.
    We will connect you with the right Buyers.

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