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Copper Mining Process
Copper is a mineral used widely throughout the country. According to an article at the Mineral Information Institute, “The United States who is the second leading producer of copper uses about 13 million tons of copper annually”. Copper is one of the leading minerals in creating electrical conductors, appliances, pipes, and metal alloys.
Copper Mining:
 The Copper ore is blasted from an open pit mine. Usually an open pit mine is used extensively for hard    rock mining such as copper.
 The copper is loaded onto a truck and then transferred to the crushers.
 Then, the copper ore is then crushed and screened with fine sulfide ore. The courser ores goes to the heap    leach (leaching ores that have been mined, crushed and transported on pads.) which is diluted into sulfuric    acid solution, in order to dissolve the copper.
 The dissolved copper is subject to a process called SX (A process that concentrates and purifies the copper    leach solution, so that the copper can have high electrical currency).
 The concentrated copper solution is dissolved in sulfuric acid electrolytic cells to transform into copper    plates.
 The copper plates are transformed into wires and appliances that are used to assist us throughout our    everyday lives.

Copper Process - From the mine to the finished product

i. Mining:

Sulfide and oxide ores are mined through blasting and digging and then crushed to walnut-sized pieces.
Coper Mining

ii. Grinding:

iii. Concentrating:

iv. Smelting:

v. Electrolytic Refining:

vi. Pure Copper Cathodes :

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