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About EarthCore
Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited:

Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited, is a Oil and Minerals Exploration company with a focus on exploration, development, providing mine services, trading in commodities (Oil & Minerals), and growth through strategic business transactions. The company has a broad portfolio of mineral exploration projects, mine royalties, and an experienced management team with global experience.

Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limitedís exploration business strategy is to enhance shareholder value through advancing projects from discovery through development into profitable operating mines. The company owns and controls a large number of exploration rights and mining lease agreements located primarily in the high potential mining areas and different geographies across India, Asia, Africa and South America.

The companyís mine services business strategy is to leverage the experience and skill of its seasoned management team by performing mine management services that range from feasibility studies to operations management. Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited is also actively pursuing growth through strategic opportunities, including acquisitions, joint ventures and asset consolidations in different geographical locations. The company evaluates and pursues selected opportunities that can bring synergy to existing assets.

The team at Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited, has a proven track record of experience through all areas of mineral resource development, from acquisition and exploration, permitting, construction, ramp-up and optimization of production, commissioning, all aspects of operations, and mine reclamation and closure. The advisory and management team at Earthcore Oil & Minerals Exploration Private Limited, have worked for major mining companies in India and abroad.

Minerals & Metals Exploration and Mining:
(1) Iron Ore
(2) Lead
(3) Copper
(4) Bauxite
(5) Gold
(6) Silver
(7) Coal

Hydrocarbons Exploration:
(1) Crude Oil
(2) Natural gas

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